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Mr Giggle 2



Game Rules

Mr Giggle is a one player logical game. The goal is for the player to set up simple shapes with blocks in the same color. The board contains 8 columns and 12 rows and is filled up with square blocks in various colors. The Board configuration can be changed by moving rows (horizontally) or columns (vertically). The change is accepted only if a new shape is created; otherwise the blocks come back to the original position. Setting up the shape gives the player points, which are required in order to advance to a new level. There is a limited time for each level.


Basic blocks

The set of basic blocks used to set up shapes:

  • - Mr Giggle Marine
  • - Mr Giggle Pink
  • - Mr Giggle Yellow
  • - Mr Giggle Grey
  • - Mr Giggle Purple
  • - Mr Giggle Green
  • - Mr Giggle Red
  • - Mr Giggle Orange
  • - Mr Giggle Blue
  • - Mr Giggle Cyan



The shape is a set of 3 or 4 blocks together. Example shapes are shown below:

Mr Giggle 2's Figures


Time limit and points

Collecting points is limited with time. Before time-out the player has to collect a certain number of points. If successful, a new level is achieved and time starts again. The current point level and time left is presented at the top corners of board.

  • Elapsed time is showed on the watch board. The watch needle moves counter-clockwise. The time left is represented by the red part of the board.
  • The score of the current level is represented by a jar filled accordingly with green liquid. On each level the player should collect points to fill up the jar before the watch needle makes a full 360o rotation.

The total score is displayed between the two icons on the top of the board.


Number of colors

During the game as the player achieves new levels, the number of available colors increases, and new special blocks appear which makes the game even more interesting. At the beginning there are only 7 colors available. Eight colors appear in level three and nine colors in level five. Advanced player may see the tenth color at level 45.



Setting up a shape gives the player as many points as the shape has blocks (3 or 4). If the player sets up 2 shapes, the second shape's blocks are calculated double. In case of three shapes, the value of the third shape is tripled. For example, for 3 shapes with 3 blocks each the player scores 18 points = 3+2*3+3*3.


Game modes

There are three different game modes:

  • Short - "1 minute" - in this mode the player has to collect 40 points in 1 minute in order to achieve a new level.
  • Medium - "2 minutes" - in this mode the player has to collect 80 points in 2 minutes in order to achieve a new level.
  • Long - "3 minutes" - in this mode the player has to collect 120 points in 3 minutes in order to achieve a new level.


Disappearing shapes

Setting up the shape makes it disappear. A created gap is filled up with falling down blocks, so that at any time the board is full with blocks. Sometimes new blocks will create the correct shapes automatically. These shapes will disappear and the player scores.



In some cases it is not possible to set up a shape in one move. The game recognizes such situations and "Extra Move" information scrolls through the screen. This is the only time when the player is able to make a move without setting up a shape.



If the player doesn't see any move, after 14 seconds, an adviser appears. It shows the correct row/column and direction to move in order to set up the shape.


Easy mode

Until you leave beginners level, the prompter will help you finding possible shape quite often.


Special blocks

During the game, three different special blocks can appear: Villain, Hero i Joker.

  • - Villain is the only block, which cannot be used to set up a shape. These blocks appear randomly and frequency depends on the game level. More Villains, more difficult the game is. That's why the player should regularly remove Villains.
  • - Second special block is Hero. Making a shape with these blocks removes all Villains. The Hero appears if the player sets up at least two shapes, in the same color, in one move. Moreover the Hero appears after the first shape in a new level.
  • - Joker allows the player to set up a shape in any color. Joker appears if the player sets up two exactly the same shapes. It is very useful, in complicated cases, if the player doesn't know what to do. Setting up a shape with a Joker removes all blocks in the color of that shape - it can generate a lot of points!



When you see icon you can shake your device. Using this function you can get ride of your big enemies - the Villains . Use it carefully, because it costs half of the level-time.



At any time the play can be paused with a double-tap on the screen. The menu with "GAME PAUSED" label, and two buttons - Play and Cancel - will appear.


High scores

If the player makes a good score, it will be saved in the High Score List (10 best results). The player will be asked to type their name and the score will be saved. Each game mode has a separated High Score List.



Just after starting, the game shows the Menu screen with four buttons in the four corners:

  • - High Score - shows the High Score list for the current game mode.
  • - Instructions - shows the short version of the game rules. The number of stars indicates the game mode.
  • - Settings - shows the settings window where the player can change the game mode or turn on/off sound.
  • - Play - starts the new game in current mode.


Mr Giggle 2


Mr Giggle 2


Mr Giggle 2


Mr Giggle 2


Mr Giggle 2